Increase the adrank and ROI with ad-extensions in Google Adwords.

Paid advertising is a great way to get more traffic on the website, higher brand awareness and most importantly sizable business conversions and sales. Previously, ad ranking was based only on the max CPC (Cost Per Click), due to which sometimes non-relevant ads appeared on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page); so Google decided to change their ad ranking algorithm and include quality score and ad extensions for quality evaluation, far improving the user experience.

If you’re not fully aware of the features of Google Adwords, the pricing can reach sky high with little benefits coming your way. So, it becomes crutial to not only understand your business from advertisement point of view, but also to understand the demographics and your target audience.

An ad is identified by some key features, using which it is displayed on SERP. To improve your position in SERP (showing your ads at the top of the page), you need to understand how ad rank is evaluated. So, basically ad rank is calculated based on some key features, including the quality score, CPC (cost per click) and trending ad extensions.

Now a days, people are short on time and therefore just skim through the ads, instead of honoring your ads with their full attention. So, if your ads stand out from the rest, it gets noticed and people would generally prefer it. So, our topic at hand, ad extensions is used just for that purpose; add more flare to your dull and boring ads. They are not only used to make ads fancier, but also provide the right information a customer is searching for. Using a right ad extension is therefore essential to bring uniqueness to your ads, providing the right companion for the ad copy (a complete layout of the ad).

To give more weight to the promises made earlier, I’d like to address an extension which is primarily for mobile devices. This extension known as call extension, is used to add call feature by feeding your business phone number to make it easier for customers to call the local businesses. Other extensions like sitelink, callout, location, and rating extensions go well with mobile extensions.

Check out the infographics, for more insights on extensions.

(P.S. Google has recently introduced a new extension for mobile devices, called message extension which can be used to inquire about the bussiness using messaging services. I’ll cover more on this in my next post)


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